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Tutorial Don't reply to email notifications from the forum!

Discussion in 'About This Site' started by Forest, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi everyone,

    Occasionally, our forum will send you notifications to let you know that someone has liked your post or has sent you a personal message (it's how you find out that someone is trying to get in touch). When you get these messages, don't just click "Reply" or "Reply All" if you want to respond. Doing so will only send an email and it won't get through. Instead, click the link that brings you here, and respond here instead.

    In the following video, I show you what I mean by all of this, and show a little bit about why clicking "Reply" won't work:
    The difference between threads in the public forum and personal conversations is explained in the following thread:​
    Hope this helps! Just remember: if you get a specially formatted notification email, don't just send an email by clicking "Reply." Instead, click through to this website and post a message here. Then it will get through.​
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