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Day 3 Doing an activity I haven't done in awhile

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Jdev11, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Jdev11

    Jdev11 New Member

    Hey Team,

    I suffered from severe pain all of last year and was diagnosed with everything you can think of: chronic tendonitis, RSI, contusions in my knees, bursitis, and of course fibromyaglia. I even had sciatica, vertigo, ringing in my ear, blurred vision(to the point where i couldn't read for 2 months!).

    Within a week of reading Dr. Sarno's book and speaking with a specialist, my pain improved so much! I went back to work on the computer for 40hrs a week, I lift weights, and I drive to places.

    I'm having new symptoms(nothing as serious), but they annoy me most days. Basically tingling, buzzing, prickly nerve pain on the top of my feets, hands, and sometimes near my ears. I also have pain in my lower back after I lifted a heavy weight a few weeks ago. All these feelings are different from what I experienced last year.

    I'm going through the program because I think it'll be good for me to dig deeper and I believe there is more to be resolved, but most of my pain is already healed. I'm scared to start a coding bootcamp and get back into boxing. Not sure why cause I work on computers all day and lift weights, but I keep thinking my hands will get messed up from a coding bootcamp and that my back or knees will mess up from boxing. It's quite silly when I think about it, but deep down it's hard to remove the fear thoughts. Anxiety has been apart of my life for 20 years and I think it's trying to keep sticking around.

    Looking forward to the progress!

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