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Does this sound like TMS? I'm so confused.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Logan Cale, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. Logan Cale

    Logan Cale New Member

    I had some ankle pain from running at the start of the year, then I gave up running.

    The ankle pain eventually went away. Now it only hurts walking in wearing certain shoes (which used to be fine), and even just sitting hurts my ankle which makes no sense. It's like my ankle has become ultra sensitive to 99% of my shoes and the slightest touch sets the pain off. Once I take shoes off then my ankle pain goes. My ankle doesn't feel sore to the touch, so could I somehow be conditioned to feel pain and soon as I put on shoes?!

    I have noticed a couple of times, I've been too busy to think about the ankle pain then it seems to go - which seems like a classic TMS symptom. If it was a real pain, it would be there all the time, and not disappear occasionally.

    I am trying stuff like outcome independence, but I am struggling as it's not easy. I have read a couple of Sarno's books before, and I am rereading them. I have overcome other TMS pain such as plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain and leg pain, so I do have lots of TMS experience, but nothing is really helping.

    A quick search online mentions ankle impingement or Anterior Tibial Tendonitis. From what I have read about TMS, it seems tendonitis is 99.9% of the time TMS, so I am not paying much attention to those too much. Really just looking for a second opinion, hope it's ok to ask here.

    I feel bad bothering you guys here, and nearly didn't ask. Thanks.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Logan,

    No problem "bothering us" here. We just show up if we want to. Do you have a TMS nice person personality, putting your own needs aside?;)

    These items support TMS diagnosis, which you might contemplate each day, each piece supporting that there is actually nothing wrong:

    No, I have not heard the exact type of case you describe, but "pain anywhere in the body" which is strange and not explained by acute injury or medical diagnosis is generally TMS. I suggest you get engaged as if this is TMS using a program or methods you've used in the past. Sometimes it takes a deeper dive, meaning that maybe you could more psychodynamic work, more feeling, more inquiry into your life and personality. Not sure if this resonates with you.

    Good luck!! At look at Alan's new book where he totally supports "avoidance" behaviors when you have strong symptoms.

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  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes. One thing that people misunderstand about conditioning is how FAST it can happen. Pavlovs dogs drooled after only a FEW rings. Between the Nocebo and conditioning , it is very easy for us to sleepwalk our way into a TMS episode.

    Some umpire was telling me about his backpain due to kidney stone right before a game I played a few weeks ago. The next morning I woke up with the first spasm I had had in YEARS. The only reason I didn't walk away from him and ignore him was because ...he was the umpire and it's never a good idea to be rude to them (LOL).

    But as soon as we equate mentally that an activity or an article of clothing causes pain, that's it...we're cooked. The good news is, it is totally undo-able.
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  4. Logan Cale

    Logan Cale New Member

    Thanks for your reply. Yes guilty as charged putting my needs aside!

    I didn't even know Alan had a new book, I will check it out. Like you say a deeper dive is needed maybe.

  5. Logan Cale

    Logan Cale New Member

    Thanks that's really helpful.

    It's interesting how any object i.e. computer or clothing can trigger TMS symptoms. I do find the less the pain makes sense, the more likely it's TMS. Interesting story about the umpire, no you don't want to upset them!

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