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do i qualify for tms?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by stevow7, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. stevow7

    stevow7 Well known member

    hello guys! i haven't read it but i will now. I wanted to know if i do apply for TMS. I have depression, stress, anxiety over my herniated l4-5 and s1. i have tried during this 7 months 6 pt, water therapy, spine specialist, chiro and even skype calls with coaches. nothing has worked. everytime i do something im scared of making it worst. right now im in no pain, but every wrong movement makes me feel the pain for hours and sciatica comes back. does this apply to my situation? im depressed and stressed because i can't do stuff that i like, but at the same time im in such little pain if i avoid everything that hurts. but i do want to go back to my original life.
  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi stevow,

    Yes i'd say your story is super common! I had the same diagnosis along with many others here. As PT I of course tried PT myself but it didn't help a whole lot so I had to question the system :) Fear of movement and starting the pain again is super common for TMSers. Along with the pain coming and going like you're experienced. Have you read Healing Back Pain by Dr. Sarno yet? If not i'd dive right in to get some of your questions answered! Welcome!

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