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Dizziness and Vision Problems, anyone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Giblet, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Giblet

    Giblet Newcomer

    1. I think I have TMS but one of my symptoms is dizziness (like having had too much to drink). It gets worse when I'm anxious. The other is that my vision isn't as clear as it was, it's a bit hazy as if your glasses need cleaning. Anyone come across this before and how did you deal with the dizziness, which can be debilitating? Thanks!
  2. Peggy

    Peggy Well known member

    Hi Giblet and welcome!

    Your dizziness does sound like TMS, especially since it gets worse with anxiety.

    Here is a good article on dizziness:


    Maybe your vision problems are part of the dizziness. Also, most people's eyes get worse with age. But I think poor vision is a sign of stress. I have been working on my vision specifically and found the Bates Method by William Bates deals with vision as a stress. William Bates was from the early 1900's and there are some videos on youtube using his method. I have a book by Meir Schneider called Vision for Life which I think is the best vision book and he follows the Bates protocol. I have improved my eyesight to some degree. The thing is to relax your eyes and they will see better. I was in bed with a sore back for 2 years then I came out of that funk with beginners stages of cataracts. For the eyes to relax they like a thing called palming (putting your hands over your eyes and seeing black), they also like exercise. For me sitting in bed for 2 years was not very stimulating for them, and they got worse. Of course there is a concern that you don't do physio therapy for your eyes and get too fixated on them. I think the balance is to find an exercise that is convenient for you and do while taking a break from the computer, or while exercising at the gym, etc. Of course I am rambling a bit.

    If your sight doesn't improve as the dizziness goes away, you should see an optometrist to rule out vision problems.

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  3. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    My eyes get tired but it's understandable at my age, almost 85, and that I work on the computer for at least
    six hours every day including weekends. My work as a writer-editor-proofreader for a very demanding book publisher is very exacting,
    there is a lot of it, and my eyes and head get tired. Then I make typos at the computer keyboard and the stress fuels the tired eyes.
    He sometimes emails me at 8 pm asking me to work on something he sounds like is urgent. I put it off until morning.
    Everything is urgent to him. My health is more urgent to me.

    The load of work is not easy to keep up with, but it beats having nothing to do. I just try to pace myself and also found some good eye exercises online.
    They suggest blinking more often and looking away from the monitor every 20 minutes at anything about 20 feet away.

    I also like Bates' and Schneider's suggestions, especially taking a break by cupping the hands over the eyes and seeing black.

    I had some dizzy spells some months ago but just sat and rested my emotions and got over them. Deep breathing really helps.
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  4. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Peggy I've heard that same scenario before about being sedentary and cataracts forming. Interesting. There's something happening there.

    Palming is one of the best ways to improve vision. Bates was a Sarnoesque guy. They laughed at him but he was right.

    If you want to be laughed at, just tell the truth.
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