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Day 4 Disheartening diagnosis

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by skwitties, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. skwitties

    skwitties Newcomer

    I remember long ago I'd been seeing a physical therapist for some time as we'd been waiting for the results of my MRI to come in. I was actually progressing in the program and felt myself getting stronger with the exercises he'd prescribed.

    When the MRI came in it was the first time I'd heard that I had bulging discs and disc tear. I dont think I would have taken it so badly had my therapist delivering news been a little more reasserting about the results, but he wasn't. His entire demeanor had changed. It was comparative to how, I imagine, folks with cancer are first told they have cancer. A very slow and calm demeanor, almost pitying you.

    I'd asked that they print out the results for me so I could consult with my doctor brother later on. The moment I was out of the clinic I broke down crying inconsolably in my car.

    It's laughable looking back now that I know such things are very common in the human body, even in your 30s, and exists among folks that don't experience any pain whatsoever.

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