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Discs pressing on spine?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Bicepmuffins, Nov 29, 2022.

  1. Bicepmuffins

    Bicepmuffins Peer Supporter

    Hi all, I am a TMS success I've cured like 20-30 things with it.

    Now I'm trying to sell my aunt and mother. My mom I'm going to make a separate dedicated post for.

    So for my aunt...

    She was in an accident years ago. Was limping with nerve damage for a while but now is walking pretty normally. Nerve pills don't help much if at all. She still has pain in her leg and fibromyalgia but tries her best to not let it bother her emotionally. Her scans show that her disks are pressuring on her spine and the doctor says if she does yoga she will become paralyzed. She did just move into a new home, did most of the lifting and is walking around okay right now. She's quite durable for someone close to paralysis.

    In my eyes she's a tms case but I think she needs someone to speak to her specific readings and concerns. Does anyone have a testimonial or something to say I can share with her that will help?

    I said I cured from herniated discs but she said hers weren't herniations, they were pressing on the spine. I'll have to fish for more details but any support would be helpful
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Well, I am not a surgeon BUT like most people here I learned more about the physics of the human spine than any carpenter ever ought to (LOL)...

    All of our body is like one unified coordinated machine. It's made to work together. Things 'touch' other things. The discs are 'pads' between the vertebrae and allegedly about the consistency of dried toothpaste. The "Medieval structural Mythology" as Sarno called it goes...." the dry toothpaste spurts out and presses on a Nerve (usually the sciatic) and causes symptoms.... the neck is the same thing with the Brachial (splg?) nerve being 'compressed'".

    That's what the 'medieval structural mythology' (MSM...FUNNY , like Mainstream Media...LOL) says is happening with a herniation...pressing/touching/compressing.

    Sarno pointed out that any nerve that is truly pressed on eventually goes numb. I fell asleep on a toilet once and when I woke up could not move AT ALL so Sarno's contention hit home...It wasn't pain..it was complete lack of feeling.

    I got told that by no less than the team Dr. For the Knicks who did my surgery. I risked being paralyzed if I even Jogged. After reading HBP and developing faith that Sarno was correct rather than my surgeons and Drs . I conducted a number of experiments on myself and searched my past experience....His theory made a lot more sense than theirs...so I went out and jogged. 20something years of unbridled Fun and crazy activity has yet to 'paralyze' me....in '13 I even fell off of a ladder and broke the vertebrae in my spine...it wasn't found until an MRI on my gallbladder in '14 or '15.... I never bothered to get my back checked so I never knew I was supposed to have symptoms...and it healed on it's own!

    This is a hard thing to explain to someone who is having symptoms and being treated by a Dr. The MSM is overwhelmingly certain of the truth of their diagnoses in spite of their spotty at best record of 'fixing' problems. When their theories and practices don't work, they blame a new structural anomaly or come up with victim blaming stuff . The best we can do is maybe pass on the text. I had people try and 'explain' Sarno to me when I was in pain and I thought they were nuts... I had to get desperate and frustrated. Odd...turned into the most liberating blessing, but it came out of despair.

    Even though I have read all of Sarno's books save the very first one (Mind over back pain?) I still believe "Healing Back Pain" is ordered better than some of the others.... diagnoses, explanation, treatment plan, .....some of the other texts although they cover more topics, aren't as well....edited? In Mindbody Prescription he doesn't get to the diagnoses until the back half of the book....

    anyways.. hope that helps. It's a simple idea but not easy to transmit
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  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    David Hanscom MD! I just posted an excerpt from his newsletter the other day, he's mentioned here all the time, and we have a dedicated "blog post" for him from when he was still a practicing spine surgeon in Seattle. He gave it up to focus on his Back In Control program - he had reached a point, in 2019 I think, where about 40% of his pre-surgery patients were doing the program and canceling their surgeries because they recovered. He himself recovered from failed back surgery by following Sarno. Just do a keyword search for him here. My post from the other day links to his website.

    PS, good to hear from you and that you're doing great @Bicepmuffins :D
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  4. Bicepmuffins

    Bicepmuffins Peer Supporter

    Thanks for replying. Sorry it took so long to get back to you! I feel its easy for me to look for reasons to support her problems than not as I don't want to paralyze her by being wrong about my recommendation. You said Dr Sarno said that pressing of the nerve would eventually cause numbness.

    How long would it take, who is to say that if she damages it further than "it" wont be "pressing on the nerve". stuff like that comes to mind that she would use to argue against me. I really wish I could find a way to convince another person of something lol
  5. Bicepmuffins

    Bicepmuffins Peer Supporter

    Thank you for the resource and the support along this journey. I still get stress and flare ups but it no longer controls me and no new symptom attempts are convincing enough to suck me in. So far so good!
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