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Discovering TMS and entering therapy

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by PussInBootz, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. PussInBootz

    PussInBootz New Member

    I asked this in the SEP group but it was suggested someone here might be able to help me.

    I only found out about TMS a few weeks ago and I have read Healing Back Pain. I want to start the SEP but I am entering into talk based therapy next week. The therapy is about a specific part of my life that I do believe is the cause of some (if not all) of my TMS symptoms but I am not doing it as a result of discovering TMS. I organised this months ago and have been on a waiting list.

    Anyway, I don't know whether I should wait until after the therapy has ended before I start the SEP. I don't want one to confuse the other, in either direction.

    It is unlikely the therapist will have heard of TMS and again, I don't want to cloud the sessions by bringing in other things... this work is something I have needed to do for years and I want to be sure I get the most out of my limited time with them. I am being offered 26 sessions, which is great, but once it is over that is it.

    Do I start the SEP or wait?

    I guess I could ask my therapist if she is happy for me to work on other self development projects at the same time but I thought it would be good to ask people who have done the SEP and know the content.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. danny1943

    danny1943 New Member

    In your post you didn't mention physical symptoms you may be having. From that I would say you're probably not having severe pain. Just the fact you've heard and are open to TMS is huge! To me, that is the most important thing I see from your post. I don't know what talk therapy is about and I think anything which helps you find what's inside yourself is great. I don't think the SEP would cloud your sessions so if I were you I wouldn't agonize over that issue. If you start the SEP but feel like it's interfering with your sessions just back off a little bit-the SEP will always be there to welcome you. I think after starting the talk therapy you'll know if you can also work on the SEP. The way I see it
    you're starting a great adventure into self discovery. Have a great and loving journey!
  3. PussInBootz

    PussInBootz New Member

    Hi Danny

    No, I'm not in severe pain, but I live with discomfort all the time that leads to pain and I have 3 conditions that cause problems that I know are caused by emotional stuff, one being mild IBS and another being globus pharyngeus. I also carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and upper back that do lead to pain at times. I am open to TMS and simply reading Healing Back Pain has halted my progression into RSI. All of these I am certain are TMS. I also have a lot of very random pain that comes and goes that I have never had an answer for, TMS has given me that. For instance, last night I had a random pain in my leg. I know there is nothing wrong with my leg and I knew it would pass in a moment... but knowing it is probably TMS allowed it to pass more quickly.

    I will start the SEP and see how I get on. I see there are other programs here too so it's a little confusing of where to start... I'll take another look.

  4. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi PussinBootz,
    You may find this very good to do the SEP or perhaps start with the TMS Recovery Program (these are the only two programs at the Wiki), as you embark on therapy. I think that doing your own work at home, while investigating yourself with the therapist will probably be great. If you feel it isn't working, you can always share the content with your therapist, and get her/his opinion.
    Andy B
  5. PussInBootz

    PussInBootz New Member

    Thanks Andy. I have started the recovery program as I see in the Wiki it says to do that before the SEP. But yes, I will speak to my therapist if I feel it is stirring things up too much or complicating the process.

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