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Day 4 Discouraging doctors

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Needtoski, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. Needtoski

    Needtoski New Member

    I have had many doctors and other health professionals tell me discouraging things. My old PCP told me my constant stomach aches and severe bloating was due to me being 40. I was told over and again that the only help for my constipation was fiber drinks which always made it worse. When I was DX with CRPS my PCP said he didn't believe in it, he wasn't suggesting TMS he was suggesting malingering or craziness. Several MDs just said they had nothing to offer me. A pain psychologist ( intern) basically told me I'd have to find ways to live a new life and let go of my dreams since I have chronic pain, start thinking of another line of work and learn to "accept" , I was probably only 6 months in at that point. My neurologist explained to me how crps gets worse over time and treatment that once worked often no longer does. I could go on...

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