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Digestive question

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by abby135, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. abby135

    abby135 New Member

    Hello all
    I’m sorry about all the long detail … but I believe the previous pelvic pain I had that is mostly gone most of the time was tms… 4 weeks ago I had to go to a wedding in a too tight of dress and “ sucked” in my tummy ( constant bad habit of mine) just cyz I worried about the tummy showing … next day prolly sucked in more as I was at the beach in bikini…that evening almost got into an accident as the boat rolled off the trailer in the highway… I had a brief flashback in my head of a feeling I haven’t had since I was in a horrible car accident over 20 years ago… I’m guessing I was fearing another accident … anyway we were fine and no one hit us… that nite during my sleep I felt tightness in upper belly… it worsened throughout following day with what felt like the worst indigestion ever … with pain radiating into my ribs and shoulder blades -got home did some massage and stretching and got much better … did get some muscle release done a couple days later snd became pain free … a few days later the bloated pressure tummy feel returned … so I did go to dr … she wanted to call it acid reflux snd didn’t think much was wrong … though I had no heartburn … I did start getting better again … then felt sore in upper tummy abs a few days later and did some muscle work myself and out of no where an hour later developed terrible heartburn for several days ( did not have that prior)… got that under control but still felt this weird presser feeling in upper tummy … went to another dr… she too listened and felt my tummy snd wanted to call it acid reflux … whatever maybe it is or isn’t … I don’t currently have any heartburn … and reflux is tms anyway in my brain … so anyway I did some detoxing this week and just came off a 3 day fast todsy…the morning after the liver/gallbladder flush, all tummy symptoms disappeared snd I felt fantastic snd full of energy through through entire fast( I do detoxing from time to time as I healed some difficult “ incurable “ diseases years ago - non tms ) so it’s a way of health for me… anyway no tummy stuff at all while fasting… niw tiday I broke the fast through light eating … and the pressure pain is still gone I think but I’m in a state of anxiety over it returning I can tell … what did return after beginning light eating again is this little bubble feel that rolls up the esophagus like I have to burp… none of that these last 3 days… is this all in my head fearing some digestive issue ? Or should I say tms? Like I feel so edgy and scared to eat now … tms? thanks

    I should add - I have been having terrible self image issuers ( honestly anxiety probably) over the winter after gaining some pounds and not having a flat enough tummy … but had no pain or bloating or upper belly concerns until after that one weekend I described above and mysteriously this bloat/ pressure/ air bubble / heartburn stuff appears the day after …so it feels like mentally I may have brought “ symptoms” to an area I have been hating and struggling with for months due to self image concerns. Idk- what do you think? It’s like I fear something is wrong digestive wise and I can’t let it go …
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  2. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member

    Hi Abby,

    Quite an ordeal! I had similar symptoms so I understand what it’s like and how it feels.

    I wrote a post about my experiences with acid reflux and what helped. Whether it’s TMS or other reasons, hope it brings you complete relief.


    I had a really bad case of gastritis when going through my TMS journey due due all the pain meds but it disappeared once I learned about TMS.
  3. abby135

    abby135 New Member

    Thank you!

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