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Difficulty swallowing / Food stuck in throat / Success

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Shaboogie, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Shaboogie

    Shaboogie New Member

    Hi. I have had this symptom for past couple months. It’s a weird one and can be scary. TMS Forum helped me and I wanted to give back. I went to a doctor, no help. I then considered treating it as a symptom of Gerd/acid reflux. Tried Prilosec and no alcohol for a few days. Helped a lot. So I am thinking this is acid reflux. And I know from long experience with TMS that acid reflux is TMS. So usual disclaimers aside - (make sure no blockage etc.etc.) for me this symptom is TMS. Either a direct equivalent-fo0d stuck in throat feeling, or a symptom of acid reflux which is also from TMS. Try acid inhibitor for a few days if you wish. Might help. Or just treat it as TMS. But beware the road of doctors -diagnosis of hiatal hernia, Prilosec for the rest of your life-the stuff is terrible for you. I’m now off all meds and feel fine.
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It's called 'PLUM PIT' or Plum pit qi and has been around for centuries as a diagnosis in Chinese medicine. I am NOT advocating for Chinese medicine, or any other hippy dippy crap.... Just pointing out that it has been around UNdiagnosed for thousands of years.... one of the original TMS symptoms?

    " The emotional aspect of Plum Pit Qi is that it almost always occurs during a time in your life when you’re struggling in some way"

    ripped off of the web.

    Had it several times...always under intense pressure. It's good you got checked out, because there are some really scary TMS things (like chest pain,etc) that need to get a look by a doc.

    The whole world is under a little extra mmmph right now, so add that on top of our normal personalities and I would say right now is a good time for any TMS prone person to be extra aware of their innards...

    good post.

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  3. Shaboogie

    Shaboogie New Member

    Thank you.
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