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Difficulty Connecting Emotions to Pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by braveheart, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. braveheart

    braveheart Peer Supporter

    I have left foot pain (central sensitization syndrome and plantar fasciitis) and vulvar pain (central sensitization syndrome, vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia) both are pretty consistently a 7 of 10 before I even get out of bed. My functioning level is very low because if I walk or sit even for just a brief few minutes (two or three) the pain can go to a 9 or 10 and stay that way for weeks, even months. Psychologically I can't take pain that high so I'm not challenging it much as of yet as my pain is high just by virtue of being alive. I notice when I'm lying on the couch whether reading, watching TV or not doing much of anything, within the realm of excruciating it will go up and down. Like one minute high excruciating the next minute low excruciating. I try to gently ask myself what habits of thinking I have that are causing the ups and downs but I don't notice anything. Plus the frustration of never having low pain days. I am redoing the SEP and find that the videos, etc. resonate more. I'm also doing rage work and other exercises/exploration with a TMS coach. I was raised in a loving home but I was a very sensitive child with needs my parents didn't know how to meet. I have a lot of abandonment issues that I'm sure contribute to the pain. Plus I've always been a very fearful person so I'm sure my nervous system is always ramped up. But I don't understand why my resting pain is so high and goes even higher and stays high for so long. Unfortunately I don't respond to antidepressants or narcotic or non-narcotic painkillers so I never get a break from the pain and depression. It is very hard to cope.
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