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Difficult childhood and recovery

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by MIsty152, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. MIsty152

    MIsty152 New Member

    Can you recover from TMS even if you had a really difficult childhood (verbally abusive, intimidating brother, father with mental ilness)? I am sure that I have TMS (pelvic problems), but this gives me doubt about my possible recovery. I am seeing a therapist now to finally accept and forgive the past, I have alot to work through. Besides dealing with my personality and daily stresses.

    Could somebody comfort me in some way?

    Thanks, Misty
  2. Hayley

    Hayley Peer Supporter

    Hi Misty,

    I truly believe that you can heal from pelvic problems which are due to TMS. There’s no doubt that moving on from a difficult childhood can be difficult though. I have found forgiveness very challenging and was only able to forgive when I started to forgive purely for my own benefit. When I realised that holding a grudge against someone was only hurting me and could be stalling my recovery I started to let go of so much. I would say in my mind or write down - “ What you did was wrong but because I care about myself I forgive you. I am no longer willing to carry the burden of non forgiveness and your wrongdoings, I do this purely for my own benefit so that I can heal”. Forgiving isn’t letting someone of the hook and you don’t forget what they did but choosing to let go for your own benefit can feel very empowering. A TMS therapist that I saw recommended the Fred Luskin book - Forgive for Good - and I found it very helpful.

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