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Differenciate TMS and normal stiffness due to sport

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by thoms, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. thoms

    thoms New Member

    Hi everybody,

    After knowing TMS for several weeks, I'm still wondering about one point. I was suffering back pain (lumbar zone) for one week after I discovered TMS. I began to practice musculation again, then the pain shifted to my pectoral muscles, rotator cuffs and biceps. I tried my best to don't care about it, focus on emotions, think about what my body really feel but nothing has changed the pain is unbearable when I workout and when I don't too actually.

    The point is that I'm wondering if this pain isn't more like stiffness due to the musculation because I pushed a lot or is it TMS?
    All the informations gathered from TMS resources seem to acknowledge stiffness as TMS symptoms but according to my non-TMSer friend, it is structurally logical for them to have stiffness after workout and it's not due to emotions or psychological reasons it's just you know how muscles work.
  2. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thoms, a week may be too short of a time frame to notice effects of your TMS recovery. Shifting pain patterns is a clear indication that it is TMS. Your stiffness could also be TMS. t is very hard to get your mind off an unbearable pain, so maybe a good idea would be to slow down on your workout for a short time and get some rest. One of the most common mistakes is to laser focus on the symptoms and every little detail of those symptoms. Sometimes it takes months to stop focusing each little pain in your body and start seeing a bigger picture of TMS.

    Good luck on your TMS path!

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