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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Mark1122, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    I am still in. pain for about 8 years now, gradually getting worse through those years. I gave up on TMS for about 6-7 months now because it only got worse when resuming activity. To the point where i get a lot of heart palpitations with the RSI like pain symptoms and i get absolutely exhausted and sleep for hours during the day.

    Whenever i stop activity i gradually feel better till a certain point. I cant handle more than 5 minutes on my mobile or pc.

    I really want to believe TMS again but for me the past 3-4 years it only made things a lot worse. The heart palpitations and exhaustion where i cant stay awake when pain gets bad make it so that i dont dare following the TMS approach again.

    Any tips or recognition in these heart and exhaustion symptoms with RSI sufferers would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Ps. I am an addict (Alcohol, benzo's, gambling and gaming mainly now) and the past 6 months i went to another rehab clinic and live in a safehouse with other recovering addicts now. Ive never been clean for more than 2 months the last 13 years and now im almost 6 months sober. I am working on myself with the 12 steps and a sponsor. So ive never really been clean when battling my symptoms and following a TMS approach.

    Ever since im not using alcohol and benzo's i have to deal with my physical pain a lot more since i cant numb the pain anymore with these drugs anymore. I am in almost constant pain and whenever i focus on quitting or massively reducing certain tasks(to say max 1-2 minutes at a time) my pain, heart palps and exhaustion reduces quite a bit. I am talking about reducing tasks like using my mobile, writing, reading , heavy weight lifting. and playing guitar etc these kind of positions and repetitive motions.

    I did have an MRI of my upperback and shoulder which turned out to be fine and nerve test on my right arm which was fine.

    Symptoms i have: Heart palps, bad nagging pain (trapezius right and left side, right shoulder pain, arm pain and hand pain, upper Chest, upper back in the trapezius, neck right side with a visible lump), Extreme fatigue and exhaustion when resuming activity when pain gets worse, dizzyness and bloated stomach.

    The heart palpitations reduce to about 1 a week when quitting activity and resume sports like jogging. But increase to bad longer ones and often a day when resuming repetitive activity etc.
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  2. Satori

    Satori New Member

    I am only a beginner...so this is just my opinion...I think you need to continue TMS treatment like this forum. I am doing the educational program here in the forum. Stick with it...go slow and just focus on the education piece and only integrate the physical when you mind FULLY accepts the TMS theories. But I also think because you have alot of addictions that you are overcoming (BTW...great job...you should be SO proud!!) you should also focus on overall health...like basic things...eating well...drinking water...meditating...Your heart palpitations could be your body just readjusting to a healthier lifestyle...again..I am not a doctor...but I think you have to go slow and steady. Stick with this it...check out the 42 day ed program on this site its free. Also... give yourself credit for making a clear decision to better yourself-in so many ways! I don't know you...but I am proud of you! Keep going!
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  3. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Well known member

    “Ever since im not using alcohol and benzo's i have to deal with my physical pain a lot more since i cant numb the pain anymore with these drugs anymore”

    Remember you were numbing your mind so you did not have to deal with your emotions. Now you are ready to face them, but your subconscious mind still protects you from this hard work. You’ve come a very long way already!!
    @Satori is right! Try the program and stick with it. If the going is tough perhaps find a TMS therapist who can help you both with the process and your addictions if you feel you need that support.
    6 months is amazing! Congratulations!!
  4. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    i find TMS recovery to be a life’s work. it never really ends. but once you realize some many of these problems are TMS related or equivalents, you begin to realize all the tools you have to fix yourself are… within yourself.
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