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Day11, all what i have read/learned so far

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Nissou, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Nissou

    Nissou New Member

    Hi, i am back after one week vacation in mexico, few days before the trip i begged my husband to cancel the trip, fearing the pain i was thinking i was going to get. Finally i convinced myself it will be ok, i had pain right , but i was listenning to Dr sarno audiotape book at the beach and could bear the pain, and amazingly i did a lot of things with my kids, swimming, we went in a tour, 3 hours road trip and i did not have pain, i was sleeping better because i was exhausted, anyway i want to push anyone to do it and do not fear the pain, i had horrible setback after the trip but i think that my brain is trying to discourage me from doing more, and i wont stop here.

    Day11 suggests to share which book we have read so far, for me i started with healing back pain Dr sarno, then great pain deception of steve O, mind body prescription that i just finished , and i just ordred the meaning of trueth by nicole sacks, and i am sure i will get many others’ its amazing how we keep learning, i love reading and watch sucess story , it gives me courage hope and motivation, i read the 12 daily reminders too.
    Also i just bought the french translation of healing back pain to offer it to my friends and family back home, unfortunatly, there are not many informations like tmswiki ou sucess stories on youtube in french, i doubt the book gonna convince them unless i will be a true healed person to them , i hope i will. Like joe tunon says, i am cured and now i am healing.
    Thank you
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