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Day I: Recovering from TMS foot pain

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Mountain Girl, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Mountain Girl

    Mountain Girl Peer Supporter

    I've been going through Week 0 of the recovery program for my feet, which have been hurting so badly that I could barely walk for the past few months--and I am an avid walker and hiker. It is a huge part of my life and who I am. After Week 0, I have gone on several small hikes and walks and I now know that the sensations in my feet are psychological. I have been through this several times before (with years of debilitating hip pain and then neck and shoulder pain...the list goes on). But in my gut, I am still plagued by fear and doubt, which creep in and even cause panic attacks about the pain...so I have a ways to go yet. Even this afternoon, while on a short hike, I slipped a wee bit and my ankle turned--not a lot, there was no injury and no pain, but now I am freaked out that I have hurt myself...and so the cycle continues. I can't even tell if my feet hurt any more because I simply feel panicked about them today...

    For some reason, it has been harder to accept my foot pain as psychologically based. I have also found that re-reading Dr. Sarno's book The Mind-Body Prescription was not as effective this go round. Maybe because I've simply read it too many times and the words weren't having as much of an impact as they used to. I was also so freaked out at the thought of not being able to go on my daily walks with my pooch in the woods. This was a big source of stress for me as I am pretty much obsessed with and dependent on my walks for my good mood and happiness.

    Finding this recovery program online has been amazing because I needed fresh input to help my brain accept that there is nothing wrong with my feet. I have also had one session with a counselor, so I will continue to see her. She is very open to the mind-body concept and has much insight into it...

    I'm wondering if others have experienced an increase in anxiety as their pain decreases? Is this the "symptom imperative" that Sarno speaks of? I feel nervous and anxious even though my feet do not hurt today. However, the pain has been moving around the past few days. It was in those old familiar spots: my hip, my neck, etc. But I paid it no mind because I could recognize it for what it was--another attempt at distraction. I suppose the anxiety fulfills this role as well.

    I am trying to simply breathe deeply and remember that there is nothing wrong with me. I am fine. I have vibrant health.
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  2. Sciatic Sally

    Sciatic Sally New Member


    Yes I am feeling more anxious and nervous about everything since I have embarked upon this program. Not sure if it's normal. Good luck with all this it seems to be a long journey to recovery.
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  3. srton

    srton Well known member

    yes, @Sciatic Sally I can understand how you're feeling - it can be a long road to recovery and it can bring up a lot of anxiety sadness and other emotions.
    I love the he old AA saying "the program works but you have to work the program" -- this has been super duper true for my recovery from sciatica this summer.
    This summer i took a break from "real life" and put a lot of focus into my emotions and how holding them in has brought me pain and suffering. reprogramming my personality to be ok with feeling sadness, fear, anxiety and anger on a daily basis has been a JOURNEY and a journey that has been really rough at times.
    I am happy to report that it has all been worth it and I'm feeing much much better!
    I hope this forum is helpful to you and I know you'll find your way!!
    All the best!
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