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Day 8

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Zade, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Zade

    Zade New Member

    Well day 8 suggests you write about your first week on the program....one thing I am very grateful for is the wealth of information on the TMS site. I really improved the first couple of days and thought I'd just keep on getting better, but I'm afraid that I'm in pain most of the time. But it's not horrible pain and I can do a lot but it is somewhat disappointing. Saying that though I am learning to not take the pain seriously and so the fear and anxiety hasn't ramped the pain up, and that's important.
    We all gotta hang in there!
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  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Well known member

    You are so right! It seems like some days we zoom forward and other days we drop back - but all is part of the process...
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  3. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    A day forward in dealing with TMS pain is what we all strive for.
    We learn to tolerate the days backward.

    Hecate is right. It's all a part of the TMS pain and healing process.
    Our subconscious is persistent in sending us pain so we discover the emotional/psychological causes of it.
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