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Day 8

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Perks, Jun 24, 2022.

  1. Perks

    Perks Newcomer

    I have started this program and am a week in. I was VERY skeptical that any of this would work. I've lived with chronic pain for 20 years and followed all the other modalities possible with the eventual outcome of "there is nothing more we can do for you". Good thing I'm a fighter. I have refused to believe that I have to live this way. In 2018 I saw my first video on treatment of fibromyalgia and how a person must do emotional work to get better. I was desperate so I dove in and have been slowly working through the crap I've lived through. But I did not receive the physical relief I expected. If anything, the last 4 years have been the worst of the pain. Then I found Curable and while I sometimes used the techniques, the messages didn't click in my bran until I read The Body Keeps The Score. That has started me down this path of mind body work.
    The first time I tried journaling and mindfulness techniques for the pain AND IT WENT AWAY, I almost didn't believe it. But I had some evidence that it COULD work. So I've kept going. I can't say that it works every time or that I'm a true believer, but I'm willing to keep going and see what happens.

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