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Day 8 - Triggers

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by lbright85, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. lbright85

    lbright85 Newcomer

    Week one is complete and down!

    Day 7...I took it off. Very proud, cause personality wise, I just want to gun-ho it. But I didn't research or anything. Just meditated and tapped.

    Since starting this last week, I have unfortunately become ill with both the stomach flu and now a relentless cold.

    I'm grateful for it though.

    I'm letting go and releasing a lot of negativity and stress that has built up in my system and body over the last two years. I haven't allowed myself to slow down at all. I haven't allowed my body to rest. My motto was "just power through it. You can't afford to slow down."

    Now that I am, my body is purging so rapidly.

    I figured out 2 of my triggers this morning. The pain surged in my ear and the left side of my head. Clear as day, real as anything. Recognizing that this particular stress, combined with an emotional response about it was so eye opening.

    Happy Friday and forge on TMSer's!


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