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Day 8 - thus far

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by OtterMan, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. OtterMan

    OtterMan Peer Supporter

    So I now believe this is all my repressed emotions as I cry all the time or notice my triggers which are related to a deep seated internal rage or unresolved/unfelt conflict. Things are pouring out of me because in my adult life I have no need for these hurts anymore. Every time I journal I cry or yell or get angry and it feel lighter everyday. But this sure is work and is not for the faint. I cried the other day so hard based on the internal emotion and memories that I was sweating and my eyes were bloodshot. I scared myself but then after I felt amazing. I am learning to feel again. My biggest advice is to feel. I used to go through life and be like omg this doesn't affect me, Ha!!!! It affects us all. Who knew I was that naive.

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  2. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    I think it's more intense at first because so much has been stuffed down for so long. Then it kind of normalizes. Do you feel like journaling is helping you with feeling the feelings? I think I might try that again.
  3. OtterMan

    OtterMan Peer Supporter

    Yes journaling helps a lot. I tend to go into the next lessen and say ok write and feel it all. When I do that it comes out. I tend to have a slow reaction to events but this is changing. When I write at the end of the day I say ok what's bugging me, and then I start writing, no judgement just write and I find what's bugging me. I talk to myself a lot. Hope this helps.
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