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Day 8 still trying

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ashoo79, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. ashoo79

    ashoo79 New Member

    I am not really tracking tracking my pain but yes I can feel the days I am better responding to my kids. I feel pain but then I feel like to wait for the magic moment. I read on this forum people try not to focus on it but I still wonder how not to focus on it when its still burning needling and when you cant walk because its so excruciating I do believe in that YES I have TMS but how not to focus on the pain. I am religiously doing my journal and waiting for that moment to start feeling that I am alive.
  2. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Hi ashoo. Not focusing on the pain is a deliberate decision, and yes, it's particularly difficult when pain levels are high. So you choose something to deliberate distract you from it and focus on that, even if only for a few minutes.
    It works to break the hold your subC has on you.

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