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Day 8 should I stop completely doing fysical exercises?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Hendrikus, Aug 26, 2022.

  1. Hendrikus

    Hendrikus Newcomer

    Hi everybody, I have a 37 year long history with RSI in shoulder/arm/hand (piano arm), had to stop f.e. with my pianostudies at the conservatorium. During the years I climbed up, fell down, climbed up again etc. Later I was diagnosed with Lymes dissease and had lower back pains. Ofcourse I've seen a lot of practitioners and I got exercises for my back and shoulders. The ones for my shoulders gave me resiliance; the condition of my whole arm improved. But it does feel weird, the idea that I should now do these exercises every day for the rest of my life. I'm very much convinced that my pains come from tms. And i feel very much relieved with this tms explanation. It makes completely sense in my case. In his video's dr. Sarno says that we should stop with everything the health practitioners say we should or should'nt do.... And I understand that; as long I stay doing fysical exercises to get better, I will be giving the signal "I'm not good/there is something wrong". However, I imagine, it depends also of with which mindset you are doing it. If I'm doing it out of fear or out of joy will make a big difference I think. But that's not so easy, I feel there are a lot of (unconsious) emotions playing their role in me. And I'm little by little recognising them, feeling them, expressing them. However, in the meantime I did stop all the exercises and at times that feels a bit scary, but actually I'm doing great!! What are your experiences on this topic of stopping fysicial excercises (like dr. sarno said)? Your reaction is very welcome!
    I feel a lot of gratitude for you people who share your stories and information and have set up this program! Thanks a lot!
  2. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    Glad you are doing well!

    I think if you are doing the exercises in order to stop pain that is really caused by TMS than it seems to me that you can and should safely stop doing them. Why bother if the root cause is TMS?

    If, you are doing the exercises for other reasons, such as for good posture or for keeping up muscle strength or simply because you enjoy them, then sure, you can continue with them.

    BUT if you find yourself not doing the TMS work of releasing/accepting/feeling emotions because you are doing the exercises instead -- then that is a clear sign that your brain is using the exercises as a way to keep you from the emotions.

    Disclosure: I'm not a doctor, a therapist nor qualified in any way to be giving medical advice.
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  3. Hendrikus

    Hendrikus Newcomer

    Thanks Booble! The emotion behind my question is actually fear. I've had so many times during the years that I had to quit a musical project or even a job because of bad RSI. But I know since a few years that I can get over it.

    One of the things that helped me were the shoulder exercises I started 1,5 year ago. Another big help was being aware - and really going back into that feeling - of the moments that I was in a flow, that everything went well and that I was able to play music without pain.
    And now also the understanding of TMS already creates a big shift. I don't have to be afraid anymore when I get some symptoms of RSI again (which happens now and then) because I understand that it's caused and maintained by neuro pathways and underlying non-expressed emotions.
    But as I said; there is still fear in my system, for a big part based on experiences in my childhood. I feel that this current fear of getting RSI again/not being able to play music is connected with that. It's the fear to not be loved and be left alone because of not being good enough, not worthy. Actually I feel the emotion in my body while writing down!

    So yes, I'm doing the emotional work, but you emphasizing it helps me to focus more on it. Thanks a lot!
    And may be, I'll take up a bit of the exercises to keep up muscle strength...(?) :)
  4. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    Hi Hendrikus, glad the post helped. It sounds like you KNOW the situation pretty clearly.
    This part is particularly on point: fear to not be loved and be left alone because of not being good enough, not worthy.

    It's freaky how you feel it when you right that down in the post, hunh? I know exactly what you mean.

    I've found it helpful with those kinds of things for me to ask (myself, in writing):
    Why? Why do I need to be loved, why do I feel I'm not good enough ...or whatever the issue is.
    What specifically created that? What was said? What was done?
    And because Sarno felt anger was the biggie, I try to find and feel and allow being angry about it. That it's OK to be angry at whomever caused me to feel like that. That they shouldn't have done or said what they did. That it is awful. Wrong. Or that it makes my little self inside me scared, mad. And that it's OK to be mad, to be pissed off, to be angry at how could they have said or done that. .... and then try understand why they said or did that. Were they broken themselves? Recognition that "hurt people, hurt people." And forgiveness. Anger and forgiveness not being mutually exclusive.

    I'm sure you are already doing this kind of thing as you sound very in tune with your emotions.
    Or whatever process works for you. Keep up the good work! (Cuz guess what, you ARE good enough and worthy.) :)

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