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Day 8 Progress not perfection

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jamiemakena, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. jamiemakena

    jamiemakena New Member


    I am on day 8 of the program but have spent a few extra days at times due to the desire to not overload myself with too many rapid thoughts all at once. I have been making sure to follow the program as best as I can and appreciate all the support. I have enjoying much needed rest, therapeutic yoga, dance classes, weight lifting, cleaning my house and cooking for my family again, and meditating and journaling etc.

    I see a therapist weekly now and will for sure until the last structured education "day" at this frequency . I realize I am looking at a life commitment for my continued healing. Until yesterday I had gone over 52 hours with no arm pain/tendinitis. The longest in over 4 yrs. It was wonderful although still on my mind. Yesterday my therapist said I may have developmental PTSD from my early childhood so I regressed back into the pain for about 2 hours. I felt immediately well again after a long walk with my dog and journaling how this possible diagnosis made me feel. This news (or label) made me feel like my feelings have been validated and I am excited to know exactly how to heal my body through my mind-body connection. Good bye IBS, neck pain, lock jaw, frequent urination, tendinitis, anxiety, and depression. I will work the program, listen to my past and present feelings and continue to grow. I am unstuffing my feelings and it is not as bad as I thought it would be all these years. I am beginning to remember how I felt as a young child and how scared, alone, unsupported, and fearful I felt so much of the time and that is just fine.

    I see a great future full of new improved relationships with family and friends as well as MY ADULT SELF. I will make a great family therapist someday and this entire experience will allow me to be a great support for my family, my clients, and most importantly myself.

    Thank you to all.
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  2. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    Wow...look at you.
    I, too, see a lifetime commitment. I am 5 years out of the program. I work my program every day. Physical exercise, meditation, Journaling, constant awareness of the personality traits. I stray sometimes due to life interruptions but always go back when my mind or body start talking to me.

    I have had a lifetime of depression and now I don't. That was huge too. All tied to the personality traits.
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  3. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Wow, Jamie. What an impressive way to work the program--as a life-changing event. I did not have such a measured approach; I sucked up the SEP like a kid slurping a milkshake!
    I'm delighted that you're finding that the SEP is life-changing. That's the goal.
    Blessings on your journey. The possibilities are endless.
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  4. jamiemakena

    jamiemakena New Member

    Yes, I've been looking for a major change to happen in my life for a long time and have finally found it.
  5. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Jamie and Gigi and Stella. Jamie, it was wonderful to read your post about how life-changing TMS knowledge is for you. It did the same to me when I learned about Dr. Sarno about three years ago. It healed me from back pain by journaling to discover I had years of repressed emotions going back to my parents divorcing when I was seven years old. I am almost 86 now and am thankful to the Lord for giving me the back pain so I learned about TMS. And I know that TMS is an on-going thing, as new problems and come along. Living isn't always easy or pain-free, but it sure beats the alternative. Or does it?
    I've read a lot of great quotes from some brilliant people who say the best is yet to come. I sure hope so, but meanwhile I'm remembering the wonderful times I've already had and look forward to more.
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