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Day 8 - My TMS recovery so far

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by LaineyVeganseed, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. LaineyVeganseed

    LaineyVeganseed Peer Supporter

    My main reason for starting the 6-week program was to eliminate the remaining 10% of facial distortion caused by a bout of Bell's Palsy 9 years ago. Now 10% doesn't sound like much, however 10% of my face is constantly distorted, not just distorted 10% of the time. The distortion includes tightness all the time and pain when I try to make certain facial expressions.

    Looking in the mirror, and photos of me, the right side of my face cannot make a smile, I always look pained. This is true, because the painful emotions are still there. The right side of the body corresponds to relationships with men / father. That is exactly right, because my pain has been around the emotional trauma I've experienced that originated with interactions with boys (when I was young) and men.

    So my brain was doing a really good job of keeping my attention on my face, and away from the painful emotions. I started to feel a softening of my face the first few days of week one! Now I've started taking pictures each day, because each day I can see the distortion diminishing, it feels less tight, and my right side smile starts to look less and less pained, and more and more happy!

    I had a really therapeutic cry Day 6.

    I've had some nightmares come up this week about past events, whereas in the past I never remembered my dreams. And past stressful moments keep popping into my head throughout the day.

    I just keep soothing the child within, telling her I'm listening now to hear about her past pains, and I'm looking out for her now. I am also making sure my actions day to day are in alignment with those promises, by checking in to see how she feels, and what she needs, then meeting those needs.

    This... stuff... works! I'm so looking forward to full recovery and loving my photos again!
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  2. ScottForsyth

    ScottForsyth Peer Supporter

    I wish you all the best on your recovery journey!
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  3. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Good for you! Keep up the good work!
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