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Day 8: having success at recognizing the emotions related to the pain

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by daniebama, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. daniebama

    daniebama New Member

    Day 8 asks me Are you having success at recognizing the emotions related to your pain??I would say "yes" but,honestly,i don´t know.For example,5 years ago i had the more stressful relationship in my life (the only one i think),it was a year with a very toxic person (who matched with my fears and low self-steem in that moment).It triggered a lot of tension and stress on me,not only the year we were together,but the next two year (i think may be until this week that i wrote my TMS journal).
    Well...i had been writting the tms journal for a full week,i though i´ve written about the most important issues and emotions that caused the pain on my low back...but then,suddenly,i remember this relationship!My mind was trying to hide it..because i´ve been written about a lot of childhood issues but i didn´t remember that relationship until a lot of days writting..and it happened just 5 years ago! That´s only to explain i realized my mind was trying to hide this emotion (i toke for granted it was an issue i got over time ago) and ,on the same way,there should be a lot of hidden issues like that.
    So,answering the question Are you having success at recognizing the emotions related to your pain? i say i´m trying to have succes,the more significant experiences i remember,they make me realize a lot of fear,stress and low self-steem,perfectionism..but i am sure there a lot of common situations in daily life where i act in the same way without knowing and a lot of situations in the past wich may be i will not remember.So i am starting to be aware in which situations my inner child would be angry.
  2. Matthew419

    Matthew419 New Member

    I'm beginning to think that recognizing the underlying emotions is a long-time process, that will involve lots of new discoveries as time goes on. May you keep persevering in the task!

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