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Day 8 - deal with dizziness symptom same as TMS pain?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Ghislaine, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Ghislaine

    Ghislaine Newcomer

    Back/coccyx symptoms may have lessened but new one (dizziness) started several days ago when i make certain movements. Dr. Sarno's book Healing Back Pain says dizziness is among other illnesses like psorias, that he calls TMS Equivalents, meaning he believes the cause is the same. Per my brother in law who is an ENT surgeon in another state, I tried the Epley maneuver yesterday and don't yet know if it worked as fearful about testing positions to see if my vertigo/dizziness is gone. Worry that i will be in the 5-10% whose dizziness won't get better after 1-3 Epleys because if is TMS related, will Epley treatment work? Yet, i had dizziness many years ago and it eventually went away and i know others with similar experience. Web says can go away in weeks and brother in law says could be 6 mths. So i could tell myself not to worry (tell myself not dieing and it will go away) yet hard to not obsess when i am careful how i move around as fear the dizziness/vertigo so much. Ironically, these limitations are similar to what i did/still do when back/coccyx pain were worse.
    A bit frustrated as spent so much time working on my emotions in last week in addition to getting to day 8 of 42 day SEP and started working with a TMS therapist (1 call so far) that i expected total relief, am taken aback by new symptom and worry i will get more. Even as i write i know my attitude is all wrong and i will need to keep forcing myself to move focus away from symptoms. It's a 24x7 job for me as no matter what i do, i get anxious and have to drill into what emotion the anxiety is masking. I so want all this behind me... tired and sometimes have moments of wanting to resume doing more socially (instead of being overwhelmed by prospect and even turning down invitations).
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Well known member

    just live your life as if you did not have symptoms.... put the tms work first, but other than that get involved in your social life etc.. if you do get any dizziness, do the epley manouvre - it works! if it does not work - its tms, so ignore it and carry on... I understand your worry - i got dizziness (once really badly) it makes you panic and feel it will never go away, but epley does work for the 'ear crystals' etc, the tmas work will cover the rest... good luck
  3. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I once had to do the Epley maneuver 3 times a day for about a week before my dizziness went away. So sometimes even if due to problem with crystals in the ears, it can take awhile to resolve. I figured it was due to crystals and not TMS because it was positional. But TMS can mimic those symptoms too. As Hecate says, just keep using both approaches and you will recover.
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  4. Ghislaine

    Ghislaine Newcomer

    Thanks so much. Looks like it resolved though i am still a bit timid in some movements I do.
  5. Ghislaine

    Ghislaine Newcomer

    Thanks much Ellen - as i mentioned to hecate105, i am better but still a bit timid in some of the ways i move.

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