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Day 8 (after Day 6)

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Elphi7, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Elphi7

    Elphi7 New Member

    My journaling on Saturday (Day 6) left me feeling exhausted and sad and with all kinds of physical symptoms popping up. I rested yesterday and on opening Day 7 found it was a rest day! Great timing and very nice structure in the program. I am very grateful for the incredible support on this forum and in the program - thanks especially to Leslie for sharing so much in response to my post.

    My main pain (migraine) has improved incredibly. It's not cured, and funnily, I'm okay with that. Have come to view that first thread of pain as an indicator of something triggering something and just spend the bit of quiet time asking about that. I can see this being a lifetime thing - I think I thought it would be something I do, complete and move on, just live my life. Now I see that this is a way of processing life as I live it. What a marvelous gift.

    I've realized this past week how much of my experience of my life is through TMS. This makes me feel very sad right now. Thanks for listening and for all the support.
  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    With this attitude you will recover. Once you stop worrying about the actually symptom, and begin to focus on your present emotional state the need of the symptom completely goes away. And you are right. This is a lifetime change. It is about changing how you handle your emotions and learning to become more open and accepting. It sounds like you are making great progress, so keep it up.
  3. Elphi7

    Elphi7 New Member

    :) Thank you! this the most incredible thing I've ever come across...it feels like the most amazing secret that isn't even a secret, it's just such a paradigm shift that it's flying beneath the radar. Imagine when diagnosing and 'treating' is the norm!

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