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  1. Woo-hoo ! My first week terminated !

    It's been a pretty great week, even if it hasn't been 100% pain-free. But nothing more than the occasional twinge.

    For starters, I have been RUNNING again. Little by little, I am building up my strength again, going out more and more every time. Yesterday, I ran 25 minutes and tomorrow I'm going to try for a half an hour, maybe a little more if I'm feeling alright. I don't think I'll push myself too much, though, as I don't want to hurt myself for real.

    I've been able to talk down my discomfort, and although sometimes I have trouble believing in my capacity to make it stop, it has worked everytime. I have been successfully sitting for an extended period of time with mild discomfort. When I feel the discomfort is escalating towards pain, I start talking down my pain, even if I can't do it out loud. I think about what stresses are present in my life and try to stay focussed on them, and the pain usually passes within a minute or so. Sometimes it moves around a little, hits me in the knee or in the shoulder, but eventually fades into the background.

    It's empowering to be able to make the pain go away sometimes, but I don't have 100% confidence that I'll be able to do it everytime. Despite the success rate up until now, I just feel as though I still have a lot of practice to do. Just need to condition myself to the positive responses.

    Hope everyone has a great night and great tomorrow morning !

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