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Day 6: swimming after one year of fear

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by daniebama, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. daniebama

    daniebama New Member

    Big notices! i have been swimming for 30 minutes today,one kilometer!Swimming was my favourite sport.When my pain started,doctors told me even this sport was a good one for back pain,it wasn´t allowed for me to do it,because of my spondylolistesis.I had felt pain the next day when i swam..and they recommended me to swim back..but pain was still there the next morning.So,they told me to walk inside the pool (i left because i feel that very sad)
    Reading Dr. Sarno´s book i realised i haven´t swum since last year (i used to swim 2-3 miles each day)
    So,today i have been swimming for 30 minutes ,crawl style,the one who produced me pain last year.I have no pain,i was laughing inside the water while i was swimming and thinking "May be it hurts tomorrow,but i will know there is nothing wrong with my low back.And even if it hurts,tomorrow i will come back and i will swimm for 30 minutes again.
    I ¨ve decided to believe i can.
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  2. Sita

    Sita Well known member

    Good for you! I'm happy for you. I understand you because I was in the very similar situation. Loved to swim, but was in pain, doctor said do it on your back etc etc. Ended up getting upset then going back to the pool. I had some pain in the beginning (crawl style, less while swimming on the back) and then none. Was able to swim even twice a day after a while.

    With this virus, the pool where I used to go is closed. For now. I'm into other sport these days and patient for my pool to reopen. They remodeled it so ... it's going to be more fun.

    You can definitely do it! Enjoy!
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  3. daniebama

    daniebama New Member

    Thanks for sharing...me too,i think it's because we were told that back style was less dangerous than crawl...because i had been swimming crawl last 8 years without pain...and our mind makes us think back style is less dangerous (because some doctors said that to us) so it seems to cause less pain in our minds,but i don't think there is a real difference
    Do you swimm both styles without any pain?
  4. Sita

    Sita Well known member

    Yes, no difference actually. Key words here: "in our minds."

    Both styles yes. Sometimes no pain, none; sometimes crawl=some pain, back=no pain and all the variables possible. Depending on the crap that I'm dealing with...you might read this as: "that I have in mind" that particular moment.
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