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Day 6 setback

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by LoLo, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. LoLo

    LoLo New Member

    I've been doing well with the program but had little setback today. Last night was one of my best nights sleep as when I woke I didn't feel pain or feel the need to get up and pace the house to try and inniate blood fliow. I even woke up feeling pretty darn good within 2 hours I was in some pain. I chatted wit TMS and laid down for a bit which in most cases takes the edge off in which did. I went for a walk and continued the chatter. By the time I got home was a bit worried cause the pain had elevated. Walking has always been my best medicine and for some reason it turned on me. Thoughts please.
  2. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    You are doing great! I would focus on and think about waking up feeling good and being pain free for a few hours! The pain may come back, it may really test you and increase. The pain may take your best medicine, walking, and trick you into thinking that it has turned on you and that there is no refuge. Can you think of a better way to get your attention back and create worry? Keep doing what you are doing, focus on your life, your emotions, and try not to get worried about these set backs. They mean nothing. You are fine and the more you believe and invest in that, the less frequently these setbacks will come. The more you allow them to distract you, the longer they hang around as well.
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  3. LoLo

    LoLo New Member

    Thank you Anne it felt really great to hear that. I had a feeling that may have been what hapoened. It was too ironic. I find it fascinating and a bit disturbing our own brain can behave this way Just like a coyote AKA a, trickster. I appreciate your reply Than You
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  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great analogy, LoLo! Yeah, your brain is NOT pleased with your progress, and it's fighting back. Speaking of irony, it really thinks that it is doing this for your own good. So, you know, you can feel kind of sorry for it, and even forgive it for being stuck in old patterns - while you hold firm and keep on doing what you need to do to get unstuck!
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  5. AndrewMillerMFT

    AndrewMillerMFT Well known member

    Hi Lolo,

    Sometimes the best thing to do is get that good nights sleep! What I mean is, it's important to just look at this as a bump in the road. Sometimes we have them and sometimes instead of attacking the TMS with mental chatter, journaling till our arms fall off or focusing on the symptoms we should just say, "okay, you got me today, but I'll come back tomorrow and deal with you." That frees ourselves from the pressure to drive the symptoms away as quickly and ferociously as possible. This is incredibly important because we can create further stress if we make combating the TMS sxs the first and last thing we think of in a given day. This very stress can trickle down into our unconscious, adding to the reservoir of TMS causing emotions.

    Please look at this as a blip and keep up a steady flow of the work you're already doing.



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