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Day 6 of Structured Program - symptoms worse

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by bman, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. bman

    bman Peer Supporter

    I just completed Day 6 of the Structured Education Program and two days of journaling and my neuropathy symptoms are worse. Intellectually I know that this is normal - especially as I dredge up emotions, but it makes things harder. I am not considering giving up - I guess I am just venting. Have others had a similar experience?
  2. searching4bre

    searching4bre New Member

    Believe me you are not alone! I've been at things for roughly a month now and I too feel like I have hit a wall. For me it goes so much beyond physical pain because I have so many other symptoms that go along with this. This morning has been particularly hard because I feel like I may never get better. I'm trying to remind myself to be kind to me, to figure out what it is I'm truly feeling, and not to give in to the fear that this is something more than just TMS. Much easier said then done. I don't have any grand words of wisdom here for you, just that I know what you are feeling as I'm sure many others here do too. It's frustrating, but I'm thinking it's part of the process. One thing I know for sure with me is that I'm really realizing what my personality traits are. Impatient is probably the biggest one for me. So I'm sure that doesn't help my case!! :) I know it's been said that sometimes the symptoms can get worse before they get better. I hope you can find your breakthrough soon! Best wishes on your journey!
  3. bman

    bman Peer Supporter

    Today I took a break after a really hard day yesterday. In general my symptoms have improved today although my back started to bother me this morning. I am used to TMS in my back for many years so I really don't let it get me down. There is a really good video by Forrest on Day 7 which you probably saw - basically we need to give ourselves a break and not obsess about the TMS. I have been dealing with TMS all my life - I am 66 now, but didn't realize it until 2009. I never did the detailed work of the SEP before and it is very difficult, yet I know I have to do it. We all need to treat ourselves better and realize that the traits that got us here in the first place make it difficult to get better because most of us become obsessive or impatient with a resolution. I once had a therapist tell me, "It's amazing all of the things I've accomplished in my life even though I always hold myself back." The same can be said for TMS. Even during the worst times I still walk about 40 minutes to an hour almost every day, run a men's group, work part time, and many other things - you need to remind yourself that you are living life - even with TMS.
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