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Day 5

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by aleigh, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. aleigh

    aleigh Newcomer

    The most disheartening thing that the dr. Said about my condition was that I would need surgery that would fuse my lower spine and would be about 5 months for full recovery. He also said that I should give up paddling the dragon boat. I paddle 4 times a week and LOVE it. BUT it was actually that information that propelled me into this program, so ultimately it was a good thing. It's funny the things you can forget to ask while in the Drs office. Like, if my condition is so bad, why does it disappear while I'm on vacation? And if my condition is so bad, why am I not in pain while doing strenuous activities? And so many more. The information I was getting from the dr was ultimately not making sense. So hear I am, working the program. I am finding All the information very useful!
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  2. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    What Doctors say to us is so powerful. A Specialists on Scoliosis told me to stop all bending. The disc in my lower back were really painful and deteriating. My future was bleak.

    Gardening breathed life into me. I was on numerous garden tours, know as an expert in so many gardening areas and written up in magazines. He aid I had to give it up.

    It was emotionally devastating to me. The depression was significantly worse for many years. Fear lived in my head. I had a terrible time finding my way out of that hole.

    A physical therapist, dear friend now, recommended Sarno. Truly saved my life.

    Now I play sports, work in my garden, bend without any fear of hurting myself. Going out now to shovel snow.

    Welcome to the program.
  3. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi there,

    I'm glad that you've found the forum and reached your own conclusions about your ailments. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and follow our own intuition to heal.

    TMS/Mind Body disorders always seem to stop us from doing the things we love and enjoy. I guess it's the minds cunning strategy to keep us fixated on the symptom rather than the inner conflict within.

    I think most Dr's would have joined the dots and said relaxation helps symptoms, but at a very superficial level and without having an understanding of how the mind impacts and triggers mind body ailments.

    Now that you have had the realisation it's TMS, I'd look at documenting your symptoms by means of an evidence sheet. This will not only help you over come doubt, but also your fear and preoccupation of symptoms.

    It's great that you've commenced one of the programs, these have proven so beneficial to so many. As you progress, you may wish to explore meditation, eft etc as supplements to this work.

    Finally, I know it's not an easy journey and it can seem like a long process, but try not to be to overwhelmed with the work. Stress, anxiety etc can only fuel the pain cycle. Please remember to be kind, compassionate and loving to yourself, knowing this work will bring you more in tune with yourself and what makes you happy.

    God bless and wishing you good health, wealth and happiness for 2016.

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