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Day 42

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Jimnat7, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Jimnat7

    Jimnat7 Peer Supporter

    Finished the program and I am 50% improved. There are good days and bad days. I think the key variable is that on good days I believe that my symptoms are from tms. On bad days I feel that I have peripheral neuropathy from some nepharious source. Once I can be 100% sure I will be cured. I realized that I have the 3 key ingredients for tms- the personality, the history and the current stressors. I think I will just move on with life, think positive and this will eventually go away. Good luck to everyone. I will visit this site frequently but not too frequently. God bless and help everyone on this site. Think positive always and you'll get where you need to be.
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  2. TheWayBackUp

    TheWayBackUp Peer Supporter

    Congrats on finishing the program! I finished just before you. I also feel about 50% better. I'm very happy with that and will continue to do TMS principles especially journaling. I wish you the best on your journey moving forward!

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