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Day 4

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Edadee, Feb 25, 2022.

  1. Edadee

    Edadee Newcomer

    Educational Exercise

    What is MBS part 1&2

    I like this. First off I've always preferred MBS to TMS as TMS seems a little too linked to Sarno's theory on tension and oxygen deprivation being the chief cause of pain. My doctor has informed me that now we know muscular knots, tense muscles, and just plain emotion and thought can all cause pain, so I like calling it MBS and viewing it like phantom limb pain. What greater assurance and reminder that the human wiring for the experience of pain is not to be trusted without scrutiny than phantom limb pain?!?!

    TMS Lists
    Current Stressors:
    1. Doing well in school
    2. My ED
    3. Fear of injury
    4. Substance use
    5. My sibling being in an institution
    6. My romantic life

    TMS Personality Traits
    2. Anxiety/Fear

    Today's question not super relevant to my case. Haven't been told anything disheartening.

    Life Update
    After my calf stiffness and following MBS marching band yesterday, I was a little worried today. Nothing in the calf until about the time I was about to go bike, where I felt the MBS worry/anxiety/hyperawareness pooling in the calf on the walk over to the gym. I decided to feel the fear and do it anyways and had a lovely bike. Still have some MBS in the calf but the fact that biking had no influence on it made me feel confident this is just more MBS. Planning first real week of working out however I want to starting Monday. Look forward to see how it goes.
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Good for you - and remember to check your perfectionism - you don't have to be perfect at dealing with your MBS! I feel this journey is like unpeeling an onion... we get to do the same stuff over and over until we really really get it! I am 9 years on from my fibromyalgia (TMS/MBS - I was SO perfect at that!!) and even now have to check my perfectionist tendencies and my in-built resentments..... I have learned to see it - laugh at myself for being caught up AGAIN - and move on - including ensuring i have some really good 'me' time...! Good luck on your journey!

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