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  1. ThatBookBlewMyMind

    ThatBookBlewMyMind New Member

    The most disheartening thing is not what i have been told by doctors but that i've had to become a dam expert in physical aspects due to others not having a clue. Its not very nice to have a symptom and then go to "experts" and them not be razor sharp on issues. Does everyone really have to go through each problem before they can become an expert on it? Seems odd because actually being stuck in the problem can also warp your perspective.

    Thats my thought of the day, other thought it ARGGHGHGHGHHHH that dam ******. |I think i need to write a thread about specifics of what happened to me and maybe get some thoughts from others here. ARGH!
  2. MSZ812

    MSZ812 Well known member

    I've had a doctor get mad at me for requesting an MRI. He reluctantly signed off on it but said that he didn't want to see me in the future, no matter what the MRI result showed. I may have caught him on a bad day, but it was unacceptable to treat your PAYING customer like that.

    I don't have a grudge towards doctors or the medical industry at large. They are trying to help, and in terms of treating chronic pain, they're experiencing very little results. I'd imagine that a large portion of their care is trying to deal with those in chronic pain conditions. They've been taught wrong because modern medicine doesn't widely accept the mind-body connection.

    I'm glad that you're on this program and treating your TMS to finally be pain-free!

    - Matt
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  3. ThatBookBlewMyMind

    ThatBookBlewMyMind New Member

    It doesn't work well when 1 person (doctor) is making a judgement on another persons health. As if studying some stuff is going to make you an expert on all people. I have ideas how they could change that but for now...

    I want to be symptom free for sure, i'll be on day 5 tomorrow... come on!

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