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Day 4: What Doctors Said

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Piscessoul1980, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Piscessoul1980

    Piscessoul1980 Newcomer

    Things doctors said have definitely influenced my thinking and behavior around this experience. Here’s what’s stuck:

    - “There’s so much we don’t know about the brain” (Me interpreting as: “ We don’t know what’s wrong with you, you’ll always be stuck.”)

    - “You have general anxiety disorder (GAD).” (Me: “Oh god. I have anxiety disorder.”)

    - “You have depression as a result of your GAD.” (Me: “Oh god. I have depression and am always going to feel this way. I can’t live like this.” Starts antidepressant. Goes off antidepressant after 6 months.)

    - “If it was just anxiety, what’s causing you stress would’ve come up by now.” (Me: I must have something physical wrong with me.” Starts hypothyroid medication)

    My symptoms aren’t musculoskeletal-related pain, they’re brain fog, dizziness and throat pressure.

  2. zenyatta20

    zenyatta20 New Member

    thank you for posting. i am on day four today . i was told I had GAD depression and so on too. Then i got buried in medications that repressed my emotions and here i am with pain. I hope you do well today and on your journey.
  3. cool_change

    cool_change New Member

    I can SO relate to that first one (almost word for word!).

    I have vertigo and dizziness symptoms, and have heard so many conflicting diagnoses and ideas in the last year and a half, which like you have taken me in one direction, and then another. It's been a wild ride. Coming to the point where I accept the TMS diagnosis hasn't been easy, and if I'm honest there's still a bit of my mind that's holding out, thinking there is something structural wrong with me. But we're on the right path here with TMS and ready for deeper learning :)

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