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Day 4 - The most disheartening thing my doctor has told me

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Shine4me, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Shine4me

    Shine4me Peer Supporter

    My doctor told me that my feet are a mess after looking at the X-ray and that there was not much to be done, but that I could manage the pain with anti-inflammatories. I immediately felt much worse.... so thinking back it's probably TMS because the pain moves from my feet to my shins and sometimes my heels. At present I have hip pain at night as well as the other pain. In fact 3 weeks ago I flew to Johannesburg to see my new great grandson. A week before I left I could hardly put any weight on my leg because of the pain in my hip. I used a crutch the whole time I was away (very embarrassing) and hobbled about feeling very sorry for myself. Also had to use a wheelchair at the airport - I was very put out about that too. The weird thing was, the day after I got back the pain disappeared - definitely stress related- hence TMS. At present it is stiff more than painful, but if I sleep on my side the pain wakes me. I'm sleeping really badly because if this.
    I have just been for a walk again today. Yay! At times I feel very positive, but I hate the fact that the negative (it's not working for me) creeps in. I can't seem to stop my mind doing its own thing!
  2. If 6 was 9

    If 6 was 9 Peer Supporter

    Hi Shine4me, it's horrible when doctors give you very black and white assessments of your condition and basically say, there's nothing that can be done except take this drug. So I understand the dismay - I've recently told doctors about this TMS theory (I've got a chronically bad back which I'm working on) and they don't really want to know. I've given up feeling despondent about this, I'm just going to push on and prove them wrong.

    And I'm by no means pain free, and I do get those same doubts and negative thought patterns you talk about and I'm on Day 24. But this is a long journey, and since nothing else has helped so far and rationally speaking, TMS seems to explain my chronic pain in my back better than anything else has up until now, I'm just resolved that this will be a long journey back to recovery. Hope this helps - what I just said was as much for my benefit as yours! So thanks for your post.
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  3. Shine4me

    Shine4me Peer Supporter

    Thank you for your input If 6 was 9. As I mentioned before it sure helps knowing that I am not on this journey on my own.

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