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Day 4: Doctors, doctors

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by cookieheals, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. cookieheals

    cookieheals Peer Supporter

    Hi everyone. On day 4. A doctor told me that the pain in my knee was due to having overpronated flat feet and that I needed to think about flat feet surgery for a removal of pain. I can't remember the last time my knee hurt in the portion that he said, now come to think of it, and it's not like i got new feet (yay recovery).

    I was also told about my seismods- a top surgeon said that he had 'never seen anyone get better'. Well, praise God, I don't have pain there anymore, even though the MRIs said I would. And my PT told me that my knee pain was due to my weak hips and glutes. And the podiatrist told me that my arch pain was due to weak foot muscles.

    Ugh! Doctors, doctors.

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