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Day 4 Disheartening

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Ithantech, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Ithantech

    Ithantech Peer Supporter

    I was lucky to be given Dr. Sarno's book within 2 weeks of the of pain (thank you dear husband). Yet in those 2 weeks, I had been to the ER, seen my family doctor, and received accupuncture.

    After reading the book, I checked back in with my primary doctor and told him how I was focusing on identifying repressed emotions to resolve sciatica.

    I was hoping that he had heard of this and would offer encouragement. But I could tell it was outside his normal and wide range of comfort. He did say it sounded like the new focus on mindfulness that was gaining popularity.

    I guess it really surprises me the reactions I get from people....it demonstrates to me that this healing approach is not mainstream.

    That means in addition to the important work of finding and feeling repressed emotions, we must also swim against the tide in our interactions with others. That can be tiring and sometimes a bit lonely.
  2. Oxalys

    Oxalys New Member

    I've just given a copy of the book to my friend who is training to be a GP. She was fascinated by it and said that it isn't really a subject they cover. My cousin, on the otherhand, is training to become a psychologist and has covered mind-body conditions in her first year. It seems so very strange to me!
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