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Day 4 - Disheartening things doctors told me

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by LaineyVeganseed, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. LaineyVeganseed

    LaineyVeganseed Peer Supporter

    I had Bell's Palsy in 2010, and the right side of my face was completely sagged from this "paralysis". I immediately went to urgent care, and received antibiotics which is the normal protocol. (The paralysis is thought to be caused by a virus inflaming the nerves that control the face.) They had me follow up with my family practitioner, who referred me to a neurologist in their practice. She was such a piece of work... I can still remember 9 years later how furious I felt! She didn't see me until 2 hours after my scheduled appointment time, because she was so far behind on her appointments. No apologies provided. Then her assistant kept asking if the Dr. wanted my blood tested for Epstein-Barr virus, which I found out later is a common cause of Bell's Palsy. The Dr. kept saying she didn't think it was EB, but luckily for me the assistant was insistent, and that test was included in the blood work. That is in fact the virus I had. She said I should do facial massages in order to get the blood circulating to aid in my recovery. Massaging that side of my face was painful so I mostly avoided that recommendation. (It is so fascinating to look back now and realize that my body could feel pain on that side of my face, yet the nerves would not operate my muscles, leaving me with such a pathetically sad, saggy face...) She also gave me a prescription for some kind of electro-therapy that sounded medieval, so I skipped that, too. Then my boyfriend at the time (cause of much of the repressed anger...) recommended I go see one of the top neurologists in the state. That doctor told me I would have no recovery (my sad, saggy face was unchanged for months now) and that my only option would be to get botox. I asked about alternative treatments, like acupuncture. He said they didn't work, especially for someone who had the paralysis for as many months as I'd it. I didn't accept that answer. Luckily, a friend referred me to an acupuncturist who was able to help "wake the nerves back up" and helped me get 90% of my facial distortion back to normal. I actually saw the second doctor walking around Costco by chance a year or so later, and I so wanted to go up to him and shout in his face with fury about his ignorance. I suppressed it (shocker...lol!), and never even walked up to him. Today I am working on forgiveness of both doctors. They aren't gods, they are humans too, that only pass along the knowledge and experience that they have. I should write them both nice letters, though, to explain that acupuncture and TMS can do wonders for their patience with Bell's Palsy!

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