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Day 3

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Ami, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Ami

    Ami Peer Supporter

    Bought a new book, Pain Free for Life and will start reading too along with all the links and resources here. Spending lots of time journaling. TMS episodes continue ...for now. Really looking forward to a breakthrough!
  2. OtterMan

    OtterMan Peer Supporter

    Cry and let it happen when you match it with your emotions, childhood and how it brought you to where you are now.
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  3. Ami

    Ami Peer Supporter

    Certainly had a big cry this afternoon, from feeling like I'm now beating up my unconscious, telling it to stop hurting me... And it doesn't, and not knowing how to pierce through. Eventually, I called upon the Divine to take over, as it doesn't feel right to entrench the division between the aspects of my mind... Just feels like I am consciously adding to the inner rage, by getting angry at my unconscious for hurting me. I visualized that the Divine re-integrated my divided selves, and that all three levels- conscious, subconscious and unconscious are whole within the superconscious/divine consciousness. This brought some momentary peace, though things started up again later. So I just keep naming what I think I may be feeling of rage-creating judgements and feelings. Haven't had any major TMS episodes for about 3 hours, and I relate that to work.

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