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Day 3

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by uccello1983, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. uccello1983

    uccello1983 New Member

    The pain was worse, I think because my body worker emailed me saying he thinks my new symptoms (left buttock pain and burning around knee and upper inner and outer thigh) is probably due to me not doing my rehab exercises right. I feel like he always blames me Like I did something wrong but these new pain happened after he worked on me twice in a row. I want to call and say maybe you did something wrong (he pushed on my femoral nerve so hard that I couldn't stop crying) but he always says what he does is corrective. He created the atmosphere of fear around exercise that I needed to start very slow (swimming one lap at a time!). He says over-exercising got me in this situation the first place. I don't know how to respond back. thoughts?
  2. MSZ812

    MSZ812 Well known member

    Have you mentioned to him that you thought there was a connection between your pain and your emotions (or stress)? I talked to my doctor after he couldn't find any structural problems on my MRI. I didn't tell him about TMS specifically, but I did note my stress and how it related to pain. He seemed to at least entertain the idea, suggesting that I reach out to a psychologist if I wanted to avoid doing a second round of psychical therapy. I believe that TMS treatment demands your full participation and openness to accepting the diagnosis. It was difficult for me, which is why this is my second go around. I had a habit of taking Motrin around the clock, massaging the painful areas, etc. I had a foot in the TMS camp, and a foot in the standard medical camp.

    - Matt
  3. uccello1983

    uccello1983 New Member

    I have. After my 5th session I told him and he said no, your narrative points to structural and I told him again last time. My toes now feel such electrical shooting pain that I am thinking was I wrong to go swimming yesterday after 5months? I started with a TMS therapist yesterday and have an appointment with a TMS doctor. My MRIs showed mild herniation but my MRIs of the feet shows bone marrow edema in feet and the orthos say it's not structural but all blood tests were normal. the only thing is an abnormal EMG at l5-s1 but Dr. Sarno says abnormal EMG's are not accurate. I know I have TMS but what throws me is when I wear toe spacers and they let me walk with minimal pain. The therapist thinks I shouldn't wear them and the body worker is so sure that he has put doubts in my mind.

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