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Day 3

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Star238, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Star238

    Star238 New Member

    Hi everyone

    I am 56 years old and live in the UK. I have had fibromyalgia for 11 years now. It started after a chest infection at a very stressful time in my marriage and then I never seemed to get really better. I have spent so much money on different types of treatments, none of which have made a lot of difference. I have had very little support from my GP practice. About six months ago I picked up a book written by a neurologist about patients with psychogenic symptoms. It made an impression on me and so I started to see a psychotherapist a short time ago. In the meantime I had been having really angry dreams and on Christmas morning while doing an internet search I came upon information about Dr Sarno. I downloaded his book The Mindbody Prescription and started reading. I could see so much of myself there it made me cry.

    Luckily I found this site - I can't believe how much really helpful information there is here. I'm very grateful. Now I feel quite hopeful but I also realise this is going to be a lot of work 'mindfully'. I know I feel a lot of fear about my pain - it has been there for so long I can't remember what it was like without it. Having said that over the past couple of days I have been doing a bit more activity.

    There is so much activity on this forum, its reassuring to see how many people have been helped by this knowledge.

    Thank you
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Star238. Welcome to this TMS community. You "saw" yourself in Dr. Sarno's book, as I did and many others. I journaled to discover I was repressing anger and other emotions since my parents divorced when I was seven. You may discover anger or other emotions in your past, or may be a perfectionist or goodist type of person. You are early in the SEProgram but I sense you have strong belief in TMS. Maybe try to recall those angry dreams you say you have been having, and journal about them.

    Fibromyalgia seems to be a term many doctors give for a condition they don't really know the cause. Others who have been diagnosed with Fib have come to this web site and taken the SEProgram and healed. It healed me, and I am confident it will heal you.

    Keep us posted about your progress.
  3. Alibumbayay

    Alibumbayay New Member

    Hello, good luck with your progress and I'm glad you joined the site! I am on Day 4 and the first three days my pain got so much worse. This would have discouraged me but one of the first readings said that if the pain gets worse than you are on the right track, so I am taking that to heart. I have been in intense pain for days, but today I woke up feeling empowered (and also took a strong muscle relaxer) and I feel much better and ready to take this thing on! I feel certain this program will work for all of us and I look forward to reading your progress!
  4. Star238

    Star238 New Member

    Hi Walt
    Thank you so much for the support. I do have a strong belief in TMS, for years I had wondered if I was somehow making the fibromyalgia happen in some way. From reading the book I have already identified that I am a goodist type of person and realise that unconsciously I may be seething with rage about this. I also feel that there is something about ageing and death that is contributing to my TMS. I was very interested to look at some of your old posts about this. I think I have a long way to go but feel more optimistic about things!
  5. Star238

    Star238 New Member

    Thank you for replying to my post and for telling me about your early experiences with the programme. I have already felt less pain in my shoulders but have also noticed pain in other parts and an increase in anxiety. Even so, as you are feeling empowered, I feel much more optimistic. Please keep in touch with your progress
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