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Day 3..setting a day for swimming again

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by daniebama, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. daniebama

    daniebama New Member

    the questions on day 3 are asking me about when was the last time i did some exercise...Until now,I haven´t notice for how long time i had been able to swim (it was my daily sport before the pain started and my spondylolistesis was found)...ONE YEAR..it has been one full year without swimming.
    Swimming it wasn´t just a sport for me..it´s like meditation and exercise together,it made me feel free,alive...i tried last year when i didn´t know about Dr. Sarno´s and the next day i felt pain on my low back and i stopped inmediatly,like doctors told me to do.
    I will try to swimm again next monday for 30 minutes.The only idea of swimming makes me happy and hopeful.May be i feel some pain,at the same moment or the next day,but i won´t stop swimming.I will come back the next day,and the next day,...i have a lot of confidence on this therapy and in dr. Sarno´s ideas and i think i deserve to swim and feel free after one year full of fear.
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