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Day 3 Physical Exercise Issue

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jbathlete, Feb 15, 2022.

  1. jbathlete

    jbathlete Newcomer

    Hello everyone. I have suffered from chronic hip pain that seems to get progressively worse. At this time, I cannot bend forward into a lunge position with my right leg forward and bent. The pain I experience runs from the medial glute all the way down the IT band on both sides (mostly felt in the outer thigh) to the outer knee and the middle lower thigh above the knee cap. Squatting with both legs is much less of a problem. The main issue is that most of the physical movement/exercise I am used to doing involves using only one leg. I want to be free of this pain and wonder about pushing through it, letting it act up and even experience lingering pain afterwards versus giving into it by adjusting my activities in response to what I "know" is going to hurt. This I think is my main stumbling block -- resuming my normal physical activities (of course, adjusted to account for the fact that inactivity has caused me to be a bit out of shape right now). Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this kind of issue involving fear of exercising (which I believe is the main thing that keeps it going)?
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello @jbathlete and welcome.

    The problem with receiving an answer to your question is that we need more information. And by that I do NOT mean more physical details! We are not medical professionals, and even someone with your exact set of symptoms should be extremely careful about giving you the kind of answer you're looking for.

    I will take the opportunity here to mention that most newcomers to this work have an urgent desire to find someone with their exact set of symptoms. Embracing the work we do here means giving that up right off the bat.

    Anyway, what we need is to know what you know about the mindbody theory of TMS, proposed by Dr. John Sarno many years ago. This forum was established in his honor, and we still use the term TMS here, but in the wider mindbody world, we're starting to see different terminology, specifically PPD, or psycho-physiological disorders, as used by the PPD Association of mindbody practitioners.

    A lengthy list of physical details is, I believe, irrelevant, but most newcomers quite naturally provide them (sometimes in excrutiatingly lengthy treatises). I save a lot of time by skipping over these.

    If what you are dealing with is TMS/PPD, ie, a mindbody condition, the protocols for recovery don't have anything to do with specific body mechanics, and you've already mentioned that you plan to take it slow due to inactivity, which is good common sense that is often repeated here.

    But that brings me to the other information that we need to see, which is whether you've been checked out by some kind of qualified health professional (see our disclaimer at the bottom of every page!). Again, without providing any technical physical details, we just need to know the general outcome of such an exam, most importantly how you feel about any diagnosis that you might have received, and how it ties in to the work we do here. In the best case scenario, the Dx will be "we can't find anything wrong" in which case, we can definitely start talking!

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