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Day 25

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Atlantis, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Atlantis

    Atlantis New Member

    Day 25 and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m 100% confident I have TMS so there’s no gray area for me anymore. I started back this week teaching my fitness classes and since I was so fearful of working out initially I did have some symptoms. My right lat was aching and uncomfortable, and the right side of my neck was getting a little sore. In the past I would have stopped working out in fear I was going to end up in pain. This time I’m pushing through and telling the symptoms to just go away and realizing it’s tms because my brain associates the working out with fear.
    I will say that my kids being home for summer really is stressing me out and I feel symptoms just from that. I haven’t been good about self care and taking 30 minutes just to decompress from the huddle and bustle or the constant fighting they are doing. Today I decided to do Day 25 mid day and just take a break before the evening sports begin.
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  2. Ania

    Ania Peer Supporter

    good luck!
    I am still afraid to resume sport activities, as the more I move the more I suffer.
    My plan is: resume running first, and than find out something nice to go out and meet other people.

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