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Day 25 - How I am doing so far

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ScottForsyth, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. ScottForsyth

    ScottForsyth New Member

    I started on this "TMS Journey" due to pain, twitching, tingling and more in my hands and arms.

    I have now been doing normal activity such as typing on a pc, lifting, working out and more. But I still feel pain, but it is not as bad and I generally just think that nothing is physically wrong and continue my activity. In general my TMS/PPD is better, but I have not experienced a 100% symptom reduction. Also, I have been journaling a lot about really awful thoughts, emotions, experiences etc., but I feel like there is something deeper in my unconscious mind causing physical pain. I just do not know how to figure out what emotions or thoughts are causing my pain! I'm very frustrated by this!

    Furthermore, my pain and tingling has moved to my legs! It was not here before. I know it is TMS/PPD, but I can not get my mind to stop causing the pain. I wish a had access to a health professional in my country who knows something about TMS/PPD. Sadly, I am stuck with forums, articles and books to help me. I am very grateful for this forum and all the people who make all this information available and I would probably not have continued with treating TMS/PPD after reading "The Mindbody Prescription" if it was not for this website. But I feel like I am one of those "patients" who Dr. John E. Sarno would have recommended psychological treatment for. The problem is that there are no practitioners where I live that seem to understand TMS/PPD.

    In general my progress is slow, but if I reflect back on my beginning I would for example never had written this text due to pain in hands. Being able to utilise the phone, pc and a pen has drastically improved my life!

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to this page! :)

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