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Day 22 and a bit unsure

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jml19, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. jml19

    jml19 Peer Supporter

    So, here I am on Day 22. The program is super duper and is helping a lot, but I am getting NO relief from the neuropathy in my feet and hands. It's there 24/7 and is even waking me up at night. There is still this little voice in the back of my mind suggesting it may be more than TMS and I just have to rule out the possibility that I am dealing with a fungal infection. Last July I injured both feet which caused some bruising and then had some type of weird inflammation and itchy places on the bottom of my feet. I could go on and on with details but suffice it to say that I know how important it is to be convinced something is due to TMS in order for the therapy to work. At this point I have my doubts. So, for better or for worse, I'm off to see a podiatrist next week so that he can tell me if I'm dealing with athlete's foot or something else. Who knows, maybe I just need some decent-fitting shoes. I'm just sick and tired of wondering and worrying and not getting enough sleep. I don't know what else to do.
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  2. JBG1963

    JBG1963 Peer Supporter

    Don't beat yourself up about going to the foot doc. If nothing else it will give you the reassurance that you need to know it's TMS and then you can move passed it. Also, maybe try to think of other types of pain you've had and how they might all relate. My list of aches and pains from the last several years is laughable it's so long. I literally laugh thinking how ridiculous it is. It's a running joke between my husband and I about how many different types of doctors I've seen-all telling me there is no problem. Do you have a similar experience maybe?
  3. jml19

    jml19 Peer Supporter

    [QUOTE="JBG1963, Do you have a similar experience maybe?[/QUOTE]
    My main problems since the spring have been pelvic pain, pins & needles all over, and the neuropathy in my feet. I've been through every test imaginable for the pelvic pain and in the end it's being attributed to muscle tension (can you say TMS?!!). So, I have no doubts about TMS causing the pelvic pain. My recent bloodwork shows no diabetes or thyroid problems and all my other levels are normal so at least I know what is NOT causing the neuropathy. I've racked my brain trying to come up with some possibilities. Tonight I got to thinking about the fact that I sit at my sewing machine for hours on end and wonder if the foot issues are related to sitting too long. But you know, that's how it goes....our minds just go in circles sometimes trying to figure it all out until we run out of possibilities and realize it's TMS. I've never really had my feet looked at, so we'll see what happens next week. Thanks for the encouragement....I really appreciate it.
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