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Day 2

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by dusty67, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    Well....yesterday was hell. All my burning pain came back in my leg and lower back after more than a week. I said to myself...*bleep* it! Im going to distract myself any way I can and try to ignore this pain that makes me want to saw my leg off. Off I went to watch American Idol and the pain got so bad I decided I was going to dance all around the living room like a maniac (flashdance flashback ha!) I danced and danced and threw myself all over the place and when I came to a stop I accessed my pain level to see what horrible damage I had done to my spine. Hmmm....pain was still there......but not ANY WORSE!!!! I continued to watch the show and the pain even disappeared for a little bit at one point. It came back again so I decided to retire to bed for the night (after ranting & raving to my husband about some emotional issues that I felt I needed to release about my sister) Well......12:40am Im woken up with nerve pain ALL over my body.....back, legs, feet, arms, hands and I was going into a panic attack and started to cry. This was my night on & off waking up with excrutiating back pain and nerve pain every hour. Since the start of this TMS nightmare I have NEVER been woken up due to the pain. Have not had a panic attack or anxiety for years either. In the morning the nerve pain was gone but my upper back felt like I'd been run over several times by a tank. Anxiety level was quite a bit better but not gone. Dragged myself out of bed and straight to the pool where I proceeded to swim and swim and swim some more (all the time with awful pain in my toes and foot) By the time I got out of the pool the foot pain had reduced about 80% and still remains at that level. I have been sitting at my computer for 2 hours (unheard of just a week ago) Im going to keep myself as busy as possible and try not to limit my activities and refrain from heading to bed when the nerve pain hits. Oh and also, when I got out of the pool in the changeroom when I realized I had much less pain....I did a huge happy dance celebration throwing my arms up in the air laughing...I read its good to celebrate....it really felt good...onward & upward!
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Dusty. You've been on a pain roller coaster, but it looks like you know how to handle it.
    Swimming will be great for you and I hope you can do it every day, and while swimming
    tell yourself a positive healing mantra like "I'm feeling great."

    And throwing your arms into the air and laughing is wonderful anytime.
    Yes, celebrate your progress.

    But also keep journaling to discover repressed emotions or personality traits causing the TMS pain.

    If you have to let it all out to your husband about your sister, maybe laugh afterward,
    so he knows you can handle it.

    It isn't a good idea to go to bed right after being emotionally upset and ranting and raving.
    Your mind can't relax that way. You should calm it down with meditation, music, just relaxing
    for half an hour or an hour. Have a cup of hot milk or tea and do some deep breathing.
    Tell yourself you'll put off anything stressful until tomorrow.
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  3. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    Thank you Walt. Very good advise about not going to bed "wound up". Last night I ended up having to take a muscle relaxant as my anxiety was through the roof. From what I've been reading this seems to be the case for many....the pain starts to subside, then BAM! Anxiety. I am a little better today...the swimming really helps. Yes I am swimming and smiling and telling myself how healthy and great I feel. I wish I was a fish and could stay in the water all day long without shriveling up as it feels so great! Ha! I will be doing more journaling today. Thank you again!

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